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Angus Stone is so into his own lighting he purchased his own Robe fixtures for his latest tour!

Dope Lemon returned to the stage for their first headline tour in three years and audiences were invited to step into the real world of Angus Stone – a dream zone layered with melty moments, mischief and romance.

Matt Hansen of MPH Australia designed both the set and the lighting for the Big Smooth Australian Tour, and also toured as operator. Angus wanted a Seventies, plush TV set inspired stage and so Matt delivered classic gold velveteen drapes, light-up flooring, and retro looking signage.

Angus was proactive in securing the Seventies rock concert inspired sign and approached Rosemount to construct the timber and LED bulb structure.

The rest of the set – stands, lights, LED flooring and risers – was all built by Aaron Humber at Standby Go!

Each band member had his own podium, five in total, the floors of which are constructed of acrylic tiles that are edge-lit with DMX controlled RGBW LED tape. Each tile is pixel mapped into Matt’s Hog4 console for control with the floor generating 15 universes of DMX. Standby Go! also supplied the custom power supplies, proprietary power supplies, looms, cabling and racks that all make the floor happen.

Each podium has a curved edge and is ringed in a gold velveteen skirt hiding all of the hardware.

The four floor package racks each hold twelve Robe onePATT retro style fixtures. These 48 fixtures were actually purchased by the artist himself who was adamant in the purchase – although no one seems to know what he’ll do with them after the tour!

“They look retro and cool, are RGBW with a nice soft light and ideal eye candy for this show,” said Matt. “The more I’ve used them, the more I like them.”

In fact Angus is so into his production, he also purchased all of the set elements showing a commitment rarely seen by artists. Perhaps his farm up at Byron Bay will get some interesting flooring!

Matt’s lighting rig also had Robe Spiiders and MegaPointes, GLP impression X4 Bar 20s, Elation CUEPIX Blinder WW4, and LED PixPars. The lighting rig is fairly simple as a lot of the work is done by the set.

“Angus wanted a dark and moody stage so I subtly coloured it mainly with side and back light,” added Matt. “Other than a handful of Spiiders on the front truss which are not used much, the lighting is mostly situated on the upstage two trusses as well as on the floor.

“On the floor, there are a couple of Spiiders downstage left and right, then basically a Spiider for each band member between the two upstage trusses. There are also twelve Spiiders in the air, six on each truss, again used sparingly.”

Also on the floor are six Robe MegaPointes, three upstage left and three upstage right, with six more in the air.

“They’re a relatively compact light for their output and feature set,” commented Matt. “Their zoom range is awesome and they’ve got a bunch of great aerial effects, and gobo morphing effects with prisms, which is cool and unique.”


Eight GLP impression X4 Bar 20s act as cyc wash for the upstage drape, occasionally spinning around to back light the band. As the Dope Lemon sign is 150mm deep, they also create interesting shadows to the bottom of the sign.

For control Matt had his Hog4 saying it’s the only console he knows how to use! For the first time ever, he relied heavily on the Hog4 to do a lot of pixel mapping.

“As I said, there were 15 universes of pixel mapped LED floor in the set, which is a DMX DP8000 processor worth of stuff, and usually I would use a media server external of the Hog4,” he explained. “The Hog handled it really well although setting it up did my head in and I relied on other people to help me.”

This article first appeared in the print edition of CX MagazineSeptember 2019.
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Photos: Ashley Mar